Welcome back to the season!

I’ve always loved September. I think it’s because my inner geek gets excited about school starting. I’m sure most of us find ourselves standing in front of the classroom instead of in one of the chairs, but I like the believe the excitement is still the same. I know we’ve got a lot of great stuff planned for this year already, some traveling, a few conventions, and an upcoming collection of beautiful music. If you are planning on attending any of the events below let me know, I’d love to meet y’all face to face and learn more about your choirs and the work you are doing with them.


Fahad Siadat

Director, See-A-Dot Music Publishing

Upcoming Events

New York Choral Consortium Workshops, Oct. 18th – I’ll be sitting on a panel Saturday afternoon as part of a discussion about the commissioning process. This will be great resource for those interested in starting our improving their method for commissioning new work.

NY ACDA Convention, Oct 31st – Nov. 1st – I’ll be attending this event as a participant, but anyone who finds me and mentions this newsletter can get a free CD, just ask.


ACDA National Convention, February 25th-28th 2015 (Salt Lake City) – In addition to having an exhibitor booth and hosting a new music reading session, I’ll be sitting on a panel about conductor/composers and the unique opportunities they present to the choral world.

Feature Composer and Piece

Jon Olmstead


is one of those high energy and creative individuals you can’t help but love to be around. Much of the music he currently writes is for Film and Television, and his approach to concert music shares a similar accessibility, but with an edge that keeps it moving and energetic. You’ll see pop influence as well as hints of the avant-garde, electronic, and the absurd. His music always makes me smile.


This month’s featured piece, Bohemian Highway, is a wordless and rhythmic romp through the urban wilderness. I first encountered this piece is 2008 when a was conducting an ensemble at CalArts. Jon was a student at the time and had never written for choir before, but when he showed me this piece and I loved it right away. Bohemian Highway is one of the reasons I started See-A-Dot Music Publishing, give it a listen and I think you’ll see why.

How to Program a Concert: Planning a Full-Course Meal


Sometimes you’ve got a great theme in mind, but don’t know how to put all the different parts of the program together. Conductor Peggy Dettwiler offers a unique formula for how to organize your concerts that will provide a seamless flow and maximum engagement among your audience. In this guest article, she also shares her upcoming program for the New Jersey All-State Choir this fall, which follows her prescribed programming formula.