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See-a-dot Music Publishing, Inc.

The best choral music you’ve never heard

About Us

After working as a chorister for over 20 years, I have to admit I’ve grown tired of traditional choral repertoire. As a composer trained in the western conservatory tradition, I can’t help but notice the worlds of ‘new music’ and ‘new choral music’ have evolved into two separate spheres. As a conductor, I want to bring to my singers (professionals, students, or avocational groups), the kind of innovative, adventurous, and relevant music I see artists explore in contemporary music of all genres.

That’s why I started See-A-Dot Music Publishing: I wanted to make it easy for conductors to find new music they’ll love and share a world of creative possibilities with their singers and audiences alike. Over the years I’ve had the good fortune of premiering hundreds of new works from composers making some of the most beautiful, interesting, and profound choral music I’ve heard. That music has become the basis for this growing catalog of astonishing music for a wide range of singers

This is a 21st century business created by conductors and composers to support like-minded music lovers with not just music, but the resources to bring it to life. I think you’ll agree – we are a different sort of publisher.


– Fahad Siadat, Director, See-A-Dot Music Publishing

What Makes Us Different

Tight Curation

Our curators have had personal experience with just about every piece in our catalog as a singer or conductor, often both. Each piece in our catalog is individually selected because we thought it was insanely great. For us, that means we found it beautiful, fascinating, relevant, inspiring, and fun to sing. These are pieces we can’t wait to program on our concerts and we think your singers and audience will love them too.

Learning Resources

Programming an unfamiliar piece can be a challenge so we try and make the learning process as easy as possible. Nearly every piece in the catalog has score videos and midi rehearsal tracks to help your singers learn their parts. We are also happy to connect you with the composers of each piece directly as they are often available for workshops and masterclasses.

Personal Recommendations

Digging through catalogs is time-consuming work. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you find a piece that fits the needs of your ensemble, even if it’s not in our catalog. Ask for a recommendation HERE.

Perusal Scores

Many conductors want perusal copies of scores to keep on file so we make deeply discounted perusal scores for conductors and the majority are honest and respectful of the composer’s work. We don’t want to inconvenience everyone because a few people break the rules.

Never Wait for Your Order

This is the 21st century: nothing should be on backorder or out of stock. Every piece in our catalog is available immediately for ePrint and can also be printed and shipped on demand within a week of the order.

Composer Friendly

Not only do we accept unsolicited submissions, we also listen to every single one. If we choose not to publish it, we will always offer a positive and constructive critique of the piece. See the process for how to submit your work HERE.