About the Creative Workshop

The See-A-Dot Creative workshop focuses on career and composition development for composers interested in deepening their understanding of choral/vocal writing. The Creative Workshop consists of a month-long online cycle that features four weekly one-on-one hour-long lessons with a See-A-Dot composer and a career development session with See-A-Dot Director Fahad Siadat. This will result in the completion or further progress of a choral / vocal work.

With this in mind, we have two primary goals for the Workshop: to provide student composers the tools necessary to succeed in the field of choral and vocal composition and to mentor the artistic leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow in order to broaden and expand the choral community. We also hope that the Creative Workshop with democratize access to experts in the medium, allowing for a robust musical mentorship no matter where the student is located and at any time during their compositional journey.

Meet Our Faculty