Harry Einhorn

Harry Einhorn is a composer and inter-disciplinary performing artist based in New York City. His creates musical and dance works based on Buddhist themes, including Heart Sutra, which has been performed in the Rubin Museum and The Cell, and Samaya, a multimedia piece based on a series of Buddhist texts in Tibetan, Sanskrit, and English, which premiered in Williamsburg in June, 2012. His is an active theater writer, director, performer and producer, and his pieces have been seen throughout the New York Area, including the Brooklyn Lyceum, Littlefield, the Robert Moss Theater, and The Cell. He is a proud member of Dangerlion Productions with Lia Tamborra and Balint Varga, with whom he created and performed the original musical Dangersparkle and the Lion, winner of Outstanding Musical, Actor, and Actress in the Planet Connection Festivity Awards. He has worked on theatrical productions in India where he regularly travels to study Tibetan, has had a series of travel vlogs featured in the Rubin Museum galleries, and is currently deepening his study of Hindustani classical vocal music with Pt. Sanjoy Banerjee. He also loves collaboration! Feel free to contact him at harry@dangerlionproductions.com. www.dangerlionproductions.com

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