Drew Corey

Drew Corey is a composer, vocalist and performance artist who creates clean, minimalist works while maintaining a sense of warmth. She creates this “warm minimalism” using voices, drones, her signature extended piano technique, floating melodies and large harmonic textures. Her practice focuses on human connectivity and the visceral nature of certain physical and sonic stimuli. She creates works for choir, chamber ensemble, solo performance, voice and piano, as well as interdisciplinary works f or orchestra, theater and dance. Her works have been featured at the California Music Education Association festivals, in dance and theater productions around the United States and in film festivals in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Mallorca and Barcelona, as well as in numerous contemporary performances in Los Angeles.

Drew is also an active performer in the Los Angeles area. She sings in Lāčkāja (pronounced Lahch-kayuh), a folk ensemble that performs traditional and modern Latvian folk music at numerous events and formal balls throughout the LA area. Drew’s interest in choral music also extends into non-traditional choral mediums. She is a member of the Readers’ Chorus, founded by multi-media artist Sara Roberts and filmmaker Jordan Biren. The chorus experiments with the possibilities of the speaking voice and creates pieces that find an interplay between the sound of the words and the meaning of the text. In early 2016, Drew co-founded C3LA: The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles, a collectively run ensemble dedicated to performing outstanding new choral music and providing a venue for multi-talented singer-composers and singer-conductors to collaborate. She composes, conducts and sings for the ensemble and serves on the Board of Directors.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Composition from the California Institute of the Arts in 2016.


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