Diana Woolner

Diana Woolner loves to involve herself in any project that calls for high-quality and thoughtful performance and/or leadership-as composer, director, conductor, consultant, arranger-the list continues to grow. Her range as a composer varies from writing for vocal ensembles, to electronic soundscapes, film scores, choreographed dances, podcasts, and more. Her music often has a magical quality, playing with connotation and expectation, and her vocal works are known to utilize unconventional texts. Diana embraces all forms of style, genre, instrumentation, and medium, and loves to collaborate across art forms. In 2014 Diana won the Morton Feldman Composition Award for special excellence in composition upon receiving her Masters degree from the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music, where she studied under the direction of composers Doug Geers, Wang Jie, and Tania León. Diana holds a B.A. from Vassar College, where she studied music composition under Suzanne Sorkin, Harold Meltzer, and Richard Wilson. She currently lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

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